Luminexové kity

Luminex Corporation

develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the life-sciences industry. The company's open-architecture xMAP® technology enables large numbers of biological tests to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. Luminex's xMAP technology is built on proven, existing technology - flow cytometry, microspheres, lasers, digital signal processing - that have been combined in a unique way. In this way, xMAP®technology allows multiplexing of up to 100 unique assays within a single sample, both rapidly and precisely.


MERCK MILLIPORE (Life Science Division Of Merck KGaA)

(Linco, Upstate, Chemicon ...) is a leading provider of products and services that improve productivity in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and in clinical, analytical and research laboratories. Linco Research Inc. is now part of Merck Millipore Corporation and Eurorad Ltd. is the distributor for the "Merck Millipore" products in the Czech Republic. Linco is leading supplier of RIA and ELISA kits for diabetes and obesity research and has an extensive range of multiplex kits for Luminex systems - Milliplex® ( "old name" Lincoplex® ).


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