DIAsource ImmunoAssays

30 years of experience in IVD (kits and instrumentation)
DIAsource ImmunoAssays (formerly BioSource) an international diagnostics company (Belgium), develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostic products in the field of endocrinology and infectious diseases. Core products are RIA and ELISA technology and reagents for open ELISA automated analyzers as well as antibodies for use in in-vitro diagnostic assays with  specific development and manufacturing programs for Vitamin D, Renin, Calcitonin and many others. We also provide selected instrumentation : we offer Elisa reader, washer and shaker, along with open and closed fully automated Elisa platforms helping our customers to automate their tests. It is our ambition to use our 30 years of expertise in Antibody and Assay development to become a well-known company of diagnostic immunoassays and instrumentation for the IVD market.

Commitment to quality
We believe that the quality of products and services finds its origin in scientific expertise, a good organization of all operational activities and in well-structured decision processes. These principles are laid out in our ISO 13485:2003 quality manual. Through an integration of product quality in our development and manufacturing processes and a specific customer-oriented approach we have directed our quality system to comply with the harmonized standard for quality systems within the context of the European Directive for In Vitro Diagnostics. Our internal quality management system is designed to pursue a continuous improvement of our customer service, our product quality and the efficiency of our operations. All our products for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) carry the CE mark and comply with IVD Directive requirements.

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market a complete panel of quality immunoassays as accurate, reliable, diagnostic tools to detect and monitor endocrine disorders and infectious diseases. We are dedicated to provide highly reliable quality assays and to deliver uncompromising support to our customers. We strive for meeting our customers needs through a long-term professional relationship and by representing a real added value. Our company is driven by commitment to quality of products and services.  

Product range
During the last 30 years, we have developed manual ELISA and RIA immunoassays for the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide variety of endocrine disorders. We constantly reworked and developed specific antibodies for use in our diagnostic assays and we offer these antibodies also to other diagnostic companies. Constantly looking for new technologies and applications, we put our expertise in the development of new antibodies (patent pending) and assays to measure 25 OH Total Vitamin D (D2+D3). We are strengthening our position in the diagnostic market by validating our ELISA assays on our open and closed automates. This innovation marks a turning point for our company, and makes of DIAsource, already renowned in the RIA market, a complete diagnostic provider.
The interest in Vitamin D is rising rapidly. Since more than 10 years DIAsource manufactures immunoassays for 25 OH Vitamin D3 and 1,25 (OH)2 Vitamin D. In our assay development program we are focusing specifically on new Vitamin D assays. We introduced a new Total Vitamin D (D2 + D3) Ria and Elisa assay, together with a Rat 25 OH Vit D Elisa kit for clinical research studies. A 1,25 (OH)2 Vit D Elisa kit will complete our panel soon.
The ELISA versions will also be made on our instruments.


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